Sunday, March 4, 2012

Battlefield 3 patch incoming!

In response to the recent 'blackout' protest for BF3, DICE has released the patch notes for a very large patch that has yet to even be released. This update contains numerous fixes and changes that may or may improve the gameplay that is Battlefield. The list ranges from a few tweaks, to complete overhauls. One of the most noticeable ones, is the nerfing of the highly used MAV drone. The tweak is to remove the ability to use it as an elevator, preventing any access to areas that would be normally out of reach otherwise. The MAV is also having it's roadkilling ability tuned down so that upon fatal impact with an enemy soldier, the soldier AND the MAV are destroyed in the process.

But that is only a very small crop from the patch list. Others include USAS-12 balancing and vehicle adjustments. To check out the full patch list, you can find it on the Battlelog.


  1. Great update, some of the bugs were quite annoying!

  2. nice mate :)) Im lookin forward for that patch

  3. This should mean good news to the community! Great blog you got, I'm following you :)