Monday, May 9, 2011

Survey on headset preference for console gamers

I recently gave a survey on what the preferred setup was when using communications and sound system was via console. Surprisingly, not everyone uses a Turtle Beach nor Astros. From what I read, quite a few prefer the standard Xbox communicator or not headset at all. It seems as though headsets aren't everyone's thing. But for any pro gamer, most use them.

I use a Turtle Beach (X#, XLC, PX, etc.): 30%

I use Skull Candy: 0%

I use Astro: 5%

Other: 10%

I just use a regular Xbox Communicator (WiFi mic, Throat Mic, Standard): 5%

I use neither a headset or mic: 5%


  1. huh? That's quite peculiar, I've heard a lot of good things about Turtle Beach. Guess it's a price thing

  2. I use the one that comes with the xbox

  3. I use my Sennheiser! nah, I don't have a console.